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Voyager - Celebrating 25 Years of Discovery
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Voyager 30th Anniversary @ JPL
Interstellar Mission


Voyager Spacecraft
Spacecraft Assembly Facility
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Welcome from John Casani, Former Voyager Project Manager.
Charlie Kolhase, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Devries
Dr. Ed Stone tells the Voyager story.
Voyager 100 AU Celebration buffet dinner
Voyager Project Manager, Ed B. Massey, Introduces Ms. Nichelle Nichols from the Star Trek television show.
Welcome by Dr. Elachi
Operations Team Member, Regina Wong, receives certification of appreciation from Ms. Nichols for being on the team from launch until the 30th anniversary.
Dr. Ed Stone, Voyager Principal Investigator
Certification of appreciation presented to Ops Team Member Lawrence Zottarelli for being on the team from launch until the 30th anniversary.
Don Heller and Sue Linick
Dr. Ed Stone receives award of appreciation for being on the team from launch until the 30th anniversary.
Omer Divers, Tom Weeks, Jack Rhoads , Steve Howard
Ms. Nichols receives award for participation in the program and support for Space Science.
Bruce Brymer,	Dan Finnerty, Omer Divers
Ms. Nichols addresses JPL Employees.
Paul Dimotakis, Alan Cummings, Dick Mewaldt
JPL Employees and Contractors come out for the celebration.
Andrea Angrum and John Casani
Ms. Nichols visits with JPL employees.
Voyager Project Managers: Robert Parks, Norm Haynes, Ed Massey and John Casani
Andrea Angrum, Dr. Ed Stone, Ed B. Massey, Ms. Nichols, Mrs. Robinson (Nichols Sister,) and John Casani
Sharon Maupin, Dr. Ed Stone and Andrea Angrum
Nichelle Nichols alias Lt. Uhura visits MRO.




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