This bibliography lists scientific articles and papers coauthored by the Principal Investigators, Coinvestigators, and their associates of the eleven Voyager science investigations. They report analysis and research based on data from six planetary encounters, the intervening cruise periods, and the post-Neptune interstellar cruise. The bibliography covers publications from 1977 through the present. Annual updates will be issued as addendums to this bibliography

This listing organizes articles and papers by investigation, as shown in the table of contents, then by year of publication, and, alphabetically by author. It also identifies some (but by no means all) of the collaborative efforts of scientists from different investigations. Generally, the multiauthor articles appear according to the first author's affiliation.

Cosmic Ray Investigation (CRS)
Low Energy Charged Particles Investigation (LECP)
Magnetic Fields Investigation (MAG)
Plasma Science Investigation (PLS)
Plasma Waves Investigation (PWS)
Ultraviolet Spectroscopy Investigation (UVS)
Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer and Radiometer Investigation (IRIS)
Imaging Science Investigation (ISS)
Photopolarimetry Investigation (PPS)
Planetary Radio Astronomy Investigation (PRA)
Radio Science Investigation (RSS)
Project Scientist (PSC)